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Save up to Discount 7 percentage on Sawmills.

How to works:

  • All professional range Wood-Mizer sawmills are discounted 3% off the base model price.
  • Increase your total discount up to 7% by adding accessories to your sawmill. Get 1% extra discount per accessory.
  • Promotion is valid until November 30, 2019

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1. Select a sawmill model
2. Select your required accessories*
3. Watch your discount grow!

* Only additional compatible accessories can be selected for each machine.

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All sawmills on sale


Ultra-compact for affordable entry-level sawmilling

LT15STARTSpecial Offer

Compact, economical and reliable sawmilling solution

LT15Up to 7%

Economic sawmill for heavy usage

LX100Up to 7%

Low-cost commercial wood production

LT20BUp to 7%

Versatile and reliable wood processing for small business

LT20Up to 7%

Years of refinement for proven and productive sawing performance

LT40Up to 7%

Your Wood-Mizer twin-rail choice

LX450Up to 7%

High performance, professional sawmilling

LT70Up to 7%

Example of LT40 sawmill with 7% discount

LT40 Promo Example

Base model: LT40SE15SMH-SW
Discount on base model: 3%

With following adds-on:

1. 15 kW Electric Motor instead of 11kW + 1%
2. AH3 Hydraulic Package + 1%
3. Angled bed rails + 1%
4. M Bed extension + 1%

Final model: LT40ME20SAH3-SWR
Discount on final model: 15%

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