How to Adjust Blade Guide Rollers

By Wood-Mizer, Europe

Blade guide rollers add extra precision and stability to bandsaw blade while cutting. They also control blade position relative to the sawmill bed. To check if your blade guide rollers are set correctly use a special ruler that was supplied with your sawmill.

Rollers should create some tension and press the blade downwards 6mm. To set your blade guide rollers follow these steps:

1. Loosen your rollers so that they don't press on the blade.
2. Adjust the blade tension how it describes in sawmill manual.
3. Measure the distance from sawmill bed to the blade (for example, it is 250mm).
4. While your blade is tensioned, set your rollers so that they press the blade 6mm downwards (In this example the distance between the bed and blade should be 244mm).
5. Make sure that after setting your rollers the back of the blade doesn't touch the edge of the roller – there should be at least 4mm gap.

Blade Guide Rollers Adjustment

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