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MS750 Sliding Table Panel Saw

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Panel Saw for Professional Panel Sizing and Wood Cutting

Wood-Mizer MS750 is a precision table saw with electric adjustments, precision sliding table and scoring blade.

  • 2 Circular Blades. 1 Adjustable Blade.
Description MS750 Sliding Table Panel Saw
The MS750 features a robust cast-iron cutting unit, a scoring saw blade, and an aluminum sliding table. The machine has been developed for carpentry workshops and furniture manufacturers who search for more effective ways of precise sizing and cutting various wood materials. The MS750 panel saw has been designed by European engineers using the knowledge and experience of carpenters and woodworkers using various types of panel and format saws daily. The machine is built around an integrated cast-iron cutting unit with a 6 kW main motor and a separate 0,75 kW motor for scoring. It has a convenient aluminum sliding table with a 1300 mm ripping capacity allowing for all standard operations in cutting full-size panels. The cutting unit is installed on two cast-iron slides of the machine’s steel body, allowing for accurate cutting height and angle adjustment. Replacing the circular saw blade with a maximum diameter of 400 mm is quick and easy due to the toolless mounting system. The MS750 panel saw with a solid steel body is highly rigid and resistant to vibration and deformation. The sliding table system is fixed permanently to the machine’s body with four nabs allowing for stable operation. The cast-iron worktable is mounted on four supports for easy adjustment against the aluminum sliding table. At the bottom of the steel body is a mechanism for leveling the machine and installing the anchors. The design of the sliding table is set on a highly rigid multi-chamber anodized profile. The table is stabilized with twelve guiding rollers. The table moves on four ultra-hard steel rods, with the fifth additional rod strengthening the construction from the outside and providing the mount with a cross ruler. Covers and sweepers are installed on the sliding track to secure it from sawdust and debris. Precise measuring of cutting is possible with electronic readers mounted on parallel and perpendicular guides. The readers allow for highly accurate and consistent material sizing and cutting; additionally, they feature a function of absolute measurement. From the control panel of the MS750 panel saw, the operator can access the main saw blade switch (also accessible from the panel placed on the edge of the table, next to the operator’s hand), the scoring blade switch, speed regulators, the switch for electric adjustment of cutting height and saw blade tilt, LED lights indicating the blade speed and the emergency stop button. For the operator’s increased safety, the MS750 panel saw has been fitted with the central saw blade shield made of high-performance plastic, rollers for feeding the material, and a height adjustment mechanism with a small shock absorber. The guard also protects the operator with the blade tilted at 45 degrees. There are two extraction ports for efficient sawdust removal – the first is 125 mm and located directly in the cutting unit, and the other is 100 mm and placed on the shield arm. Wood-Mizer MS750 is manufactured entirely from premium quality materials and components by European factories—the original design and advanced production process guarantee trouble-free operation for many years. Dimensions MS750 Sliding Table Saw
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Features MS750 Sliding Table Panel Saw

Specifications MS750 Sliding Table Panel Saw
Cutting Capacities
Cutting Height 0° 0-90 mm for ⌀300 mm
0-97.5 mm for ⌀315 mm
3-115 mm for ⌀350 mm
45-140 mm for ⌀400 mm
Cutting Height 45° 0-65 mm for ⌀300 mm
0-69 mm for ⌀315 mm
2-80 mm for ⌀350 mm
32-100 mm for ⌀400 mm
Blade Tilt 0-45°
Crosscut Fence Stops 60-1780 mm
60-1630 mm (with Digital Readout)
Ripping Capacity 1050 mm
1300 mm (optional)
Max. Cutting Length 1900 mm
2500 mm
3010 mm
3200 mm
Main Saw
Main Motor 6 kW
Main Blade Diameter 300-400 mm
Main Spindle Diameter 30 mm
Main Spindle Rotation Speed 3500 rpm
4500 rpm
Scoring Saw
Scoring Motor 0.75 kW
Scoring Blade Diameter 120-125 mm
Scoring Spindle Diameter 20 mm
Scoring Spindle Rotation Speed 8000 rpm
Dimensions and Weight
Table Dimensions 1050x550 mm
Table Extensions 730x400 mm (ripping)
515x895 mm (crosscutting)
Sliding Table Dimensions 416x1900 mm
416x2500 mm
416x3010 mm
416x3200 mm
Table Height 885 mm
Length 2100-3400 mm (depending on sliding table size)
Width 3600-4900 mm
Height 1310 mm
Weight 800 kg
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