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Order Planer / Moulders at promotional prices. Discounts available for a limited time:



MP200 planer / moulder10%


MP260 planer / moulder10%


MP360 planer / moulder10%

Wood-Mizer planer / moulders are produced in our high-standard production facilities in Poland and Sweden. Wood-Mizer planers are very compact size and have a large processing capacity.

Profiling knife sets for planer/moulders

Profiling knife sets allow to make tongue and groove connections, V-type tongue and groove and more.

Basic knife sets for MP260 and MP360 (TPPKMP260, TPPKMP360) include 9 pair of profiling knives - 40 mm and 3 pair of wedges.

Extended knife sets for MP260 and MP360 (TPPKMP260EXT, TPPKMP360EXT) include 11 pair of profiling knives - 40 mm, 4 pair of profiling knives - 60 mm and 4 pair of wedges.

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Zestaw noży10%

Planer/moulders comparison

MP200 MP260 MP360
4-sided planing (width x height) 260 mm x 100 mm360 mm x 160 mm
2-sided planing* (width x height) 310 mm x 100 mm300 mm x 230 mm410 mm x 230 mm
Thicknessing (width x height) 410 mm x 260 mm410 mm x 230 mm510 mm x 230 mm
Feed speed Set 5 m/min or variable up to 12 m/min
More information here. More information here. More information here.

*Plane / Mould one side only or top and/or bottom.

Terms and conditions

  • Buy MP200, MP260, MP360, knife set or in-feed/out-feed tables and get 10% discount.
  • Applies to all engine types and models with set or variable feed speed.
  • Promotion is valid until June 30, 2020 or while in stock.

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