Privacy Policy - Information About Data Processing

We respect the right to privacy and we care about the security of data, so they are protected with the use of commonly applicable security standards.

By accepting this policy, you agree to the processing of your data.

Below we would like to provide you with more detailed information regarding the way we process your personal data.

1. Introductory information

  • We, that is Wood-Mizer Industries Sp. z o. o., ul. Nagórna 114, 62-600 Koło, Poland, phone: 63 26 26 000,
  • You, that is a customer, a person submitting queries, a person visiting our website,
  • GDPR, that is Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016, Official Journal of EU L.2016.119.1 of 4 May 2016, shall apply from 25 May 2018 (hereinafter referred to as the Regulation).

2. Data Administrator

We are the administrator of your personal data. We are processing your data on the basis of our business activity.

3. Supervisory body

Currently, the supervisory body in the scope of personal data in Poland is the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection. You have the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory body.

4. Objection to the processing

You can lodge an objection to specific data processing – especially that for marketing purposes. We will examine the validity of your objection. If your objection concerns the processing of your data for marketing purposes, we will comply with it, unless at the same time or during the examination of the objection you maintain consents to the processing of your data for marketing purposes. Your give consents voluntarily. You can always withdraw all or some consents regarding the processing of your personal data. The withdrawal of a given consent does not affect our right to process the data for the purpose described in this consent until it is withdrawn. It is also possible that in accordance with the law we will be entitled to process the data on a different legal basis or for other purposes.

5. Purpose of data processing

The processing of your personal data takes place for commercial and marketing purposes, as well as for answering questions sent via web forms. Based on your data, you may be subjected to a profiling mechanism using your location and information about the products you were interested in. Profiling can be used to customize some of the information displayed on the website.

We use your e-mail address and first name to send you the newsletter. In order to receive the newsletter, you must agree to it. If you do not want to receive the newsletter, you must unsubscribe via the link provided in each message.

6. What data do we process

We process the data you provided to us in forms, i.e. the data provided in an open manner (first name, surname, email address, phone number, address, and other data included in the web forms). We can also process the data collected automatically by web browsers (location, IP address and other data sent by browsers).

7. Third parties to which we may provide your data

The data may be provided only and exclusively to authorized entities. Personal data are provided to third parties for the following purposes:

  • web forms processing,
  • automation of tasks,
  • e-mail marketing,
  • collection of statistical information,
  • data analysis.

8. How long will we store your data

The time of the processing of your data depends on the purpose for which they have been collected, the purpose for which they are processed, the rules of law, or the method of storage adopted by us which complies with these rules of law, as well as on your consents and your other statements. Your personal data will be stored by the time of revoking the consent for the processing of your personal data.

9. Your rights

  • You are entitled to request from us the access to your personal data as well as to correct them, if they are inconsistent with the actual state and, in the cases provided for by law, to remove them or to restrict their processing.
  • You have the right to lodge an objection to the processing of your data. We will examine such an objection.
  • You will have the right to transfer the data or to obtain copies of the data, but this right cannot adversely affect the rights and freedoms of other persons, including trade secrets or intellectual property, and it will be exercised in the technically possible scope.
  • You have the right to contact the person dealing with the matters related to personal data protection. You can send correspondence to our address or directly to the competent person


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