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Wood-Mizer Four-sided Planer Moulders Product Overview

Wood-Mizer offers a range of four-sided planer moulders that are versatile and easy to use. This article will help you to understand the difference between them and make an informed buying decision.

Introducing Wood-Mizer’s MR200 Double Arbor Multirip

Wood-Mizer launches a new industrial multirip - a versatile highly-efficient machine with two arbors, each with up to 12 circular saws and capable of sawing timber up to 200 mm thick.

How to Service a Sawmill

Wood-Mizer sawmill owners are interested in the efficiency of sawing. In order to maximize the sawing time, you need to do regular maintenance and replace spare parts, so that you could avoid unnecessary breaks at work. Following the advice below, will help provide longer run-times and better sawing quality of your sawmill.

Wood-Mizer Woodworking Equipment Overview

Start making finished wood products with Wood-Mizer woodworking equipment including planer moulders, planer thicknessers (jointer planers), spindle moulders, multi-planers, and table saws. The Wood-Mizer range of woodworking equipment is capable of moulding, planing, jointing and thicknessing and dimensional cutting.

How to avoid "wavy" cuts

Many operators know this problem: during sawing "wavy" cuts appear. The problem is really serious, but you can solve it. Let us examine, step by step, all the factors affecting the sawing process. There are four of them: the operator, the sawmill, the blade and the wood.

Wood-Mizer TITAN Industrial Sawmilling Systems

TITAN industrial sawmilling equipment provides high yield, simple design, low-cost sawing systems that can process wood without sorting and debarking. Wood-Mizer’s industrial lines have proven their success in limited production space with a low energy consumption. There are several key benefits of TITAN equipment that allows to generate profit and significantly improve efficiency in high volume sawmilling.

How to fold and unfold bandsaw blades

Coiling and uncoiling bandsaw blades needs to be done correctly. Here is a quick, step-by-step guide to proper blade folding.

Mineral oil for your sharpening equipment

Clean mineral oil extends the life of your CBN grinding wheel. Using the wrong kind of oil can damage your CBN wheel by clogging up it's fine surface. Once clogged, it may not be cleaned. As a consequence, CBN wheel begins to leave burn marks on the blade and not sharpen accurately.

Blade Guide Rollers Adjustment

Blade guide rollers add extra precision and stability to bandsaw blade while cutting. They also control blade position relative to the sawmill bed. To check if your blade guide rollers are set correctly use a special ruler that was supplied with your sawmill.

Maximise blade performance - an introduction

Sawmilling with Wood-Mizer Blades will result in straight, consistent lumber; however, there are some factors that can result poor performance. Regular maintenance, general knowledge of proper usage, and attention while cutting will help avoid blade breakage and poor quality cutting.

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