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The LT40 Sawmill History: Sawhead and Control Panel Upgrades

TODAY, the Wood-Mizer LT40 model sawmill created in 1982 is called „legendary” as it forever changed the way people convert logs to timber. It allowed everyday users to produce ready boards and beams quickly, and efficiently, and, most importantly, the mobility to process wood on-site. In the 80s, the LT40 sawmill also unlocked a new direction in building portable machines for processing logs.

How to Choose the Best Wood-Mizer TOOLS

Wood-Mizer offers a wide range of tools for carpenters and sawmillers including circular saw blades, cutterheads and cutting knives for moulding and planing, drills, and frame saw blades. Wood-Mizer products are well-known for their robust build, high functionality, and reliability. In the Wood-Mizer TOOLS catalog, you can find premium class accessories, designed for both Wood-Mizer machines and machines of other brands.

Wood-Mizer Blade Spotlight: DoubleHARD

Field tested in demanding sawing applications throughout the world, Wood-Mizer DoubleHARD blades are the flagship and workhorse sawmill blade that sawyers have trusted for decades. DoubleHARD blades earned their name because Wood-Mizer starts with a high-quality alloy steel and induction hardens the tooth tip, resulting in a durable and reliable blade that delivers twice the toughness and twice the sharp life compared to standard carbon blades.

Revolution on Two Wheels – The Birth of a New Sawmilling Technology

In 2022 we celebrate the 40-year birthday of the famous Wood-Mizer LT40 sawmill that revolutionized the way people mill wood around the world. This orange sawmill with a characteristic saw head suspended over the sawmill bed, two wheels, and a tow clamp, has won recognition and popularity among customers worldwide. Today, the LT40 is known as a "legendary" sawmill.

A Smarter Sawmill for a Better Forest Future

By using smarter solutions, sawmillers throughout the world can improve their profitability while reducing timber requirements, costs, and waste.

Swedish Homestead Series: How to Cut Down a Tree Safely and Precisely

Simeon Fuchs shares safe and proven techniques used by traditional Swedish loggers to harvest large trees. Different techniques are used all around the world for felling trees. In Sweden, young loggers value the tradition and experience of older loggers. Simeon is no exception. Having logged for more than ten years, Simeon attributes his logging style, precision, and professionalism to old Swedish loggers who taught him everything he needed to know about felling trees.

How to Replace a Sawmill Blade?

Replacing the bandsaw blade is one of the key maintenance needs for every sawmill user. Following the advice below allows for a quick, safe, and correct blade installation:

Swedish Homestead Series: How to Operate a Wood-Mizer Sawmill Outdoors in the Winter

In this video, Swedish farmer Simeon Fuchs explains how the LT40 hydraulic sawmill helps his farm stay profitable every season. After 15 years and 5,000 hours of milling, Simeon and his father continue to operate their Wood-Mizer sawmill even outdoors in subzero temperatures.

How to Change Planer/Moulder Knives

Wood-Mizer planer/moulders are designed for making finished wood products affordably and efficiently. Wood-Mizer offers many straight planer knives and profiled moulder knives which can be easily installed on the cutterhead to switch between different profiles of produced material. These videos explain how to replace the cutting knives quickly and effortlessly on Wood-Mizer planer/moulders.

Swedish Homestead Series: How to Harvest Dead Trees

How should you manage your forest? Simeon Fuchs discusses the benefits of harvesting dead trees and his philosophy of environmental stewardship vs. abandonment.

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