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Industrial Sawmilling Highlights: Comparison of Wood-Mizer’s EG800 Edger and MR200 Multirip

Sawmill owners frequently search for methods to increase timber production, focusing on speed and efficiency. Wood-Mizer provides a variety of sawmilling machines designed to help expand your sawmill operations and boost your business's productivity. This article compares Wood-Mizer's industrial sawmilling solutions: the EG800 edger and the MR200 multirip.

Chainsaw Mill vs. Band Sawmill? A Comprehensive Comparison to Guide Your Choice

Small property owners and farmers occasionally need to cut logs into boards for projects like fence repairs or shed construction. Since log sawing is a relatively simple, infrequent task, (...) the initial solution might be to utilize an existing chainsaw by adding attachments for horizontal log cutting. Let's explore and compare the features of the band sawmill and the chainsaw mill ...

Wood-Mizer TVS HD Industrial Sawmilling Line for Pallet Manufacturing

The Industrial Sawmilling Lines, or Wood-Mizer Systems, introduce automation and smart solutions to produce timber efficiently at lower costs. Glinkowski Sawmilling Company has operated its Wood-Mizer industrial sawmilling line in Poland since 2021. The line made it possible to customize the machinery to specific business needs and incorporate the existing equipment at the factory into the new Wood-Mizer Systems setups.

How to Set Up Straight Knives in the Cutterheads

Learn how to install or replace a straight knife in a Wood-Mizer planer/moulder cutterhead. Each cutterhead has four slots; two always have straight knives, and the other two can have straight or profile knives, depending on the carpenter's tasks.

How Edgers and Multirips Add Value to a Sawmill

Edgers and multirips are designed to edge sideboards, slabs, and flitches with wane and rip cants and blocks into boards consistently and efficiently over time within very tight tolerances. Any sawmill that wants to expand its output, cutting accuracy, and recovery rates to get higher yields, can use an edger or multirip to achieve these goals.

How to Store Sawmill Blades

Learn how to store sawmill blades correctly and safely to avoid potential blade damage.

How To Safely Unpack Sawmill Blades

Learn how to safely unpack sawmill blades from a flatpack box and prepare them for sawing.

How to Setup Wood-Mizer Planer/Moulders

The tutorial video explains some most common maintenance operations for Wood-Mizer MP260 and MP360 four-sided Planer/Moulders, as well as for MP200 Planer/Thicknesser.

How to Increase Timber Production and Recovery

With Wood-Mizer machines, increasing your sawmilling production volume and timber recovery is an accessible and intelligent business. Upgrade your sawmilling operation and improve productivity by adding resaws and edgers to your sawmilling line.

Wood-Mizer Blade Spotlight: MaxFLEX Premium Bandsaw Blades

MaxFLEX is one of Wood-Mizer's brands for bandsaw blades. When Wood-Mizer designed this blade, the goal was to make a durable all-purpose sawmill blade with increased flexibility and extended blade life. Wood-Mizer specialists carefully selected specialized alloys from European steel producers to provide longer blade flex life and hardened every tooth tip with an induction process resulting in a tough blade for maximum sawing performance. Each tooth is precisely set by computer-controlled equipment and completely profile ground tip to tip using super abrasive CBN grinding technology.

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