Celebrating 40 Years of Wood-Mizer USA


Wood-Mizer, the global-leading sawmill and woodworking equipment manufacturer, celebrates 40 years of providing people throughout the world with the products and services to process wood From Forest to Final Form®.

Wood-Mizer Europe wraps up 2021 and makes further plans for the future


With the year coming to an end, it is time to review crucial moments and plans for next year. In an interview with our Sales Director, Mr. Krzysztof Kropidłowski, we’ll reflect on the Wood-Mizer events of 2021, check the condition of the Timber industry, and look into the company’s next year’s schedule.

Wood-Mizer Introduces New G57 Gasoline Engine for LT70 and LT70WIDE mobile sawmills


Recently, Wood-Mizer updated its professional sawmill offering by replacing the diesel engines with new gasoline G57 engine to its LT70 and LT70WIDE sawmills. The gasoline engine G57 is an essential upgrade to the LT70 sawmill series ...

CookieMizer Clamping Jig – a Smart Attachment for Your Sawmill


Start making your own wood cookies safely and efficiently for walkway steps, small tabletops, and other decorative or practical items. Install a CookieMizer attachment on your portable sawmill, engage the blade, and saw short logs into valuable wood products!

Coming soon! Wood cookies, small tabletops, and more - unlock new market niches with CookieMizer!


Soon sawmillers will be able easily to convert logs into new marketable products – cookies. Wood-Mizer is preparing to launch a new sawmill attachment CookieMizer that allows to increase value of short logs by turning them into wood cookies – the popular raw material for artisans, interior decoration, garden paths, small tabletops, and more.

Wood-Mizer Introduces MP220 Moulder/Planer/Ripsaw


The Wood-Mizer MP220 woodworking machine efficiently combines three operations – moulding, planing, and ripsawing – in one unit, saving time and reducing costs for sawyers and carpenters.

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