Sawmiller's best choice - the original BLADES from Wood-Mizer


Have you ever wondered what makes Wood-Mizer blades so much appreciated by customers worldwide? Welcome to a video tour in which you'll see how our blades are produced and which features make them so remarkable.

Wood-Mizer and MOReTENs join their best to advance Woodworking Machines


From a young boy's woodworking dream to the successful cooperation of two great woodworking equipment manufacturers. Bo Martensson, the founder of the Swedish MOReTENs, reflects on how to convert dreams into actions, wood into final products, and innovative designs into continuous growth and development. 

Save on the Wood-Mizer LT20 Sawmill - „The Cheapest Sawmill with Hydraulics”


The LT20 sawmill promotion „The cheapest machine with hydraulics” describes perfectly the sawmill’s most important benefits. The LT20ME15SAH3-SWR with a debarker, includes a fully-loaded combination of the electric saw head, sturdy M-size bed, efficient hydraulic package, and on top of that - a reduced price.

Wood-Mizer UK E-STORE ready for your orders!


Opening the UK e-store is a step forward in improving the customer experience of buying the products offered by Wood-Mizer. Customers can benefit from visiting the Internet shop in many ways, but mainly by shopping faster, smarter, and more comfortably.

Wood-Mizer’s slogan “From Forest to Final Form” takes on a new meaning


Wood-Mizer has expanded its offering by adding moulders and planers, or simply Woodworking Products. With these compact and versatile machines, the slogan From Forest to Final Form is taking on a new meaning, allowing customers to make their final wood products in an easy and profitable way. The sky’s the limit for what you can build with Wood-Mizer Woodworking machines!

Wood-Mizer Introduces LX250 Wide Slab Sawmill


Wood-Mizer introduces the LX250 wide slab sawmill designed for sawyers and woodworkers that need to saw massive slabs and boards up to 138 cm wide.

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