See You at OPEN HOUSE 2020


If you’re wondering what to do during this weekend … Here’s a good idea how to spend this time. How about a visit to Open House? All those who appreciate working with wood are welcome to join a yearly meeting of sawmillers. Organized by the local dealership of Wood-Mizer, at Yalding, Hopfield Barn, this weekend on October 16th & 17th. Share the news around town and bring your neighbors in!

The World Renowned Wood-Mizer LT15 Sawmill is Now Mobile


Wood-Mizer presents a new version of the popular LT15 sawmill series that expands the scope of these machines, especially in custom sawing.

Wood-Mizer celebrates 30 years in European market


Wood is one of the most valuable natural materials that allows society to build a better world for millions of people. Wood-Mizer develops and implements innovative solutions through which woodworking enterprises can grow and make a profit. This means that with Wood-Mizer equipment less wood is needed for woodworking, and more trees remain growing in the forests.

Wood-Mizer LIVE: the first online demonstration of Wood-Mizer's new products, September 17, 2020


Wood-Mizer presents a series of LIVE demonstrations on Youtube and Facebook. Here you may see the first live demo from September 17 where Wood-Mizer presented their newest products.

NEW Wood-Mizer Machines LIVE Broadcast, September 17 - October 8


We are inviting you to join a series of LIVE presentations from September 17th to October 8th, 2020. Every week Wood-Mizer will be transmitting LIVE video from the production plant in Poland to present a new machinery.

Wood-Mizer introduces a high quality MP180 Multi-Planer


The compact and well-priced MP180 planer with 3-in-1 functions saves operational costs and time while producing furniture-grade timber, tongue and grove boards and mouldings.

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