StartCUT — a new series of Wood-Mizer bandsaw blades


Wood-Mizer introduces a new series of carbon steel bandsaw blades that combine low price and mid-range performance. Currently StartCUT is the most affordable blade in the company's blade range.

Wood-Mizer Introduces Innovative HR250 Twin Blade Horizontal Resaw


Wood-Mizer introduces a new horizontal resaw with two saw blades in one frame. The twin blade HR250 can make one or two cuts in a single pass to resaw cants and boards. The new head configuration makes this machine compact and easy to integrate into existing sawmilling lines in limited workshop space. The unit is shipped on a single pallet and can be installed within a few hours.

Wood-Mizer Releases Two-Sided MP200 Planer/Moulder for Workshops


Wood-Mizer has released the MP200 planer/moulder, a two-sided machine to plane and mould timber on two sides in a single pass. This affordable and easy to use machine is designed for woodworkers who want to produce mouldings, flooring and other wood products quickly, affordably and efficiently.

MP160 planer and thicknesser from Wood-Mizer — a new 2-in-1 machine for furniture makers and workshops


Wood-Mizer has released the MP160 planer and thicknesser, new two-in-one machine to produce straight and square, accurately dimensioned boards. Efficient and compact, the MP160 changes bowed or cupped rough sawn timber into perfect shaped boards.

Wood-Mizer Resaw Solutions


Wood-Mizer has a full range of resaw solutions available for entry level through to industrial scale sawmilling operations.

Wood-Mizer TITAN HR2000 resaw


Several TITAN machines bridge the gap between narrowband and wideband technologies in the small to medium sized sawmilling sector. This allows for a sawmilling solution that gives sawmillers the flexibility to either run wideband profiles for more performance, or narrow band profiles for those looking for a simpler blade maintenance process.

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