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Cam Follower (McGill)

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Part #: 012797

  • 2 Circular Blades. 1 Adjustable Blade.
Description Cam Follower (McGill)

Cam follower (or Track follower) is a bearing that guides the sawing head unit forward/reverse along the steel rod. Thanks to this part the horizontal head movement is stable and smooth, and the operator can expect precise cutting.

Why do I need to replace cam follower bearing?

A cam follower should be replaced regularly because it has a real effect on the precision and stability of the sawing head horizontal movement. When the maintenance is neglected, a worn-out follower can damage the rod along which the head travels. The advantage of replacing it on time is obvious – it’s better to replace a cheaper part (so the cam follower) than suffer the expense of replacing a large construction element (broken rod).

How do I know it’s time to replace cam follower?

Keep track of the work time and replace systematically (every 800 work hours) or observe closely the condition of the rod surface and the cam follower surface. If at the contact surface you see any signs of damage, it’s time to replace. Remember - a new cam follower has a perfectly flat surface that touches the rod, but a worn-out one will have a curved surface.

How to replace cam follower?

This part can be self-serviced. You can replace the cam follower on your own using the hand tools that you can find in your workshop. First remove the sawing head from the sawmill, replace a worn-out cam follower for an original new part and finally reassemble the head back on the steel rod.

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