Recommended Stock of Spare Parts for Wood-Mizer Sawmill

By Wood-Mizer, Europe

It is important to keep a stock of spare parts for your sawmill. Wood-Mizer prepared a short list of spare parts that should always be available; their prompt replacement saves your time and money.

• 2 belts for blade wheels
• 2 blade guide roller bearings
• 12v motor brushes (for DC sawmills)
• 2l of hydraulic oil (for hydraulic sawmills)
• Spare spring for your drum switches (up/down and power feed)
• Felt pad for the top rail
• Guide rollers or bearings (for LT15) for sawmill head
• Fuses (for DC Sawmills)
• Rubber covers for switches for sawmills with debarker and electric blade guide arm
• Blades

To order any spare parts please get in touch with your local Wood-Mizer representative or contact us using the online form.

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