LT20START Sawmill

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LT20START Sawmill

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Affordable LT20START Sawmill with Full Hydraulics Ready for Action

The LT20START features the most functional and popular configuration with full hydraulics and Setworks for efficient and easy operation, now available at a budget-friendly price!

Description LT20START Sawmill

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Based on the versatile and reliable LT20 sawmill series, the LT20START retains full functionality and cutting parameters at a much more competitive price. The sawmill is available in one main configuration, including a complete hydraulic log handling system and a control panel with the Setworks for automatically adjusting cutting height. It has been developed to respond to a growing need for budget sawmills with capabilities matching those larger machines.

The LT20START sawmill has been designed for small and medium-sized companies, as well as individual users, who are looking for a ready-to-action machine with full sawmilling functionality. The LT20START sawmill allows for converting logs to timber efficiently and at a low cost!

More options and choices are available in the LT20SUPER sawmill, which allows for customizing the machine to specific business requirements and budget conditions.

The LT20START sawmill allows for cutting logs with a maximum diameter of 80 cm and a length of 6,1 m. It is based on the M-size bedframe, which is made like in other sawmills. Cutting longer logs is possible with the bed extensions, which are additionally available.

The LT20START is a stationary sawmill, which is supposed to be installed under a roof and bolted to the concrete floor. The bed features roof-shaped bed-rails (with optional stainless-steel covers) preventing the debark from building under the log.

The hydraulic package is an obvious benefit of the LT20START, allowing users to handle logs easily. The system is powered by a 3-kW electric motor with an oil flow of 11 l/minute. It includes three side supports, a central clamp, a claw log turner, two hydraulic toeboards, and a log loader.

The efficient hydraulic system allows for quick log loading, rotating, and positioning of the log in the most convenient way. The central clamp works on a solid single rod in a horizontal and vertical plane, pressing the log against the side supports and securing it firmly during the sawmilling.

The LT20START sawmill uses a standard 11 kW electric motor. More motor and hydraulic options are available at the LT20SUPER sawmill.

The control panel features an ergonomic joystick for moving the sawhead forward/reverse and comes in standard equipment with the SW10 Setworks for automatically adjusting cutting height. With this device, you don’t have to calculate and set manually the cutting height.

The blade guide arm is moved electrically and is activated on the control panel. It stabilizes the blade while cutting a log (especially those with irregular shapes). The blade tension is adjusted with a screw and a gauge. The blade lubrication system is based on an electromagnetic valve.

A debarker is optional. It is recommended for sawmilling dirty logs with mud, sand, or ice in the bark, extending the blade’s lifetime.

The LT20START uses standard 4010 mm long and 32-35 mm wide blades.

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Features LT20START Sawmill

Specifications LT20START Sawmill
Power 11 kW (E15) Electric
Cutting Capacity
Max. Log Diameter 80 cm
Max. Log Length 6.1 m
Max. Width of Cut 65 cm
Max. Cant Width 58 cm
Max. Depth of Cut 25 cm
Head Features and Options
Setworks SW10
Head Up/Down Electric
Head Forward/Reverse Electric
Blade Guide Arm Electric
Blade Lubrication Electro Valve
Blade Tension System Screw with Gauge
Debarker Optional
Sawdust Collection Port Diameter 101.6 mm (4'')
Length 4010 mm
Width 32 mm
35 mm
Blade Wheels
Diameter 483 mm
Type Belted
Blade Wheel Material Cast Iron
Bed Features and Options
Bed Construction Monorail
Angled Bed Rails Standard
Bed Extensions Manual Bed Extension: 1.8 m, 3.6 m or 7.2 m
Bed Features Non-adjustable legs
Log Handling
STANDARD Hydraulic 3 Side Supports
Central Clamp on Single Rod
Claw Log Turner
2 Hydraulic Toeboards
Log Loader
3 kW Hydraulic Pump (11 l/min)
Sawmill Features and Options
Frame Construction Cantilever
Standards CE
Options Stainless Steel Rail Covers
Side Support Top Rollers
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