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Quality Management System with ISO 9001 at Wood-Mizer is already 20 years old!


Wood-Mizer is a modern company that continuously supplies customers worldwide with high-quality products and services. More than 20 years ago, we implemented our first Quality Management System for sawmill blade production and maintenance services.

Wood-Mizer Products Help In Educating About Responsible Sawmilling


Wood-Mizer is a global manufacturer of sawmills and wood-processing machinery with a strong awareness of ecological and environmental issues. Sustainable and careful management of wood resources from forest to final form can contribute to preserving rich and thriving forests for the next generations.

Wood-Mizer Sawmills Salvage Urban Timber at COP26 in Glasgow 2021


For the past few decades people have been witnessing climate changes that seem to have a growing impact on their closest environment, households, as well as their health and lifestyle. Although the consequences of climate change are devastating, countries and organizations continue to unite their efforts for a better tomorrow. At the COP26 Climate Change Event, Wood-Mizer showcased its best sawmilling equipment and methods for converting logs into a valuable building material.

Celebrating 40 Years of Wood-Mizer USA


Wood-Mizer, the global-leading sawmill and woodworking equipment manufacturer, celebrates 40 years of providing people throughout the world with the products and services to process wood From Forest to Final Form®.

Wood-Mizer Europe wraps up 2021 and makes further plans for the future


With the year coming to an end, it is time to review crucial moments and plans for next year. In an interview with our Sales Director, Mr. Krzysztof Kropidłowski, we’ll reflect on the Wood-Mizer events of 2021, check the condition of the Timber industry, and look into the company’s next year’s schedule.

Save on the Wood-Mizer LT20 Sawmill - „The Cheapest Sawmill with Hydraulics”


The LT20 sawmill promotion „The cheapest machine with hydraulics” describes perfectly the sawmill’s most important benefits. The LT20ME15SAH3-SWR with a debarker, includes a fully-loaded combination of the electric saw head, sturdy M-size bed, efficient hydraulic package, and on top of that - a reduced price.

Wood-Mizer Europe Expands Production and Office Building in Poland


Wood-Mizer Industries has recently opened for operation its expanded production and office hall in Poland, which had been in construction since July 2020. With 2,600 m2, the new building additionally expands the company's total floor area to an impressive 17,000 m2. The new hall workspace is designed for the departments of construction and engineering, research and development, prototypes and tooling, and the marketing team.

E-book «How to Improve a Sawmill Blade Performance» for free download


The Wood-Mizer team prepared an e-Book with the most popular website articles about sawmill blades. According to the web statistics, this is the most frequently searched information.

Sawmiller's best choice - the original BLADES from Wood-Mizer 


Do you want to learn something about band sawblades production? Welcome to a video tour in the Wood-Mizer facility. 

Wood-Mizer and MOReTENs join their best to advance Woodworking Machines


From a young boy's woodworking dream to the successful cooperation of two great woodworking equipment manufacturers. Bo Martensson, the founder of the Swedish MOReTENs, reflects on how to convert dreams into actions, wood into final products, and innovative designs into continuous growth and development. 

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