Starting a Portable Sawmill Business

Swedish Homestead Series: How to Cut Down a Tree Safely and Precisely

Simeon Fuchs shares safe and proven techniques used by traditional Swedish loggers to harvest large trees. Different techniques are used all around the world for felling trees. In Sweden, young loggers value the tradition and experience of older loggers. Simeon is no exception. Having logged for more than ten years, Simeon attributes his logging style, precision, and professionalism to old Swedish loggers who taught him everything he needed to know about felling trees.

Swedish Homestead Series: How to Harvest Dead Trees

How should you manage your forest? Simeon Fuchs discusses the benefits of harvesting dead trees and his philosophy of environmental stewardship vs. abandonment.

Swedish Homestead Series: How to Sawmill a Log from Start to Finish

Simeon Fuchs and his father, Helmut, are experts in operating their fifteen-year-old LT40 Hydraulic sawmill. “We want to demonstrate how to mill a log from the first cut to the end with the bandsaw mill and give you a feel for it,” Simeon says. With one log, Helmut demonstrates his best techniques of sawmilling lumber.

Swedish Homestead Series: How to Manage a Forest

Simeon Fuchs and his brother, Swedish farmers, tell us how they manage their woods, what principles underlie the thinning of the forest, and how they produce firewood from the harvested birch logs.

Swedish Homestead Series: How to Operate a Successful Sawmill

We continue to share the Swedish Homestead video series telling about modern farm life. Helmut Fuchs, the founder of Swedish Homestead, shares how hard work made his LT40 sawmill a profitable investment.

Swedish Homestead Series: How to Afford Your Dream Sawmill

A Swedish homesteader shares three tips that he learned from his father and his own experience to make the right decision when you purchase a sawmill.

Mobile Contract Sawmilling in Scotland

Five tips on contract sawmilling from an experienced Scottish sawmiller. Watch this interview to learn more tips about contract wood cutting with a mobile sawmill.

A Smarter Sawmill for a Better Forest Future

By using smarter solutions, sawmillers throughout the world can improve their profitability while reducing timber requirements, costs, and waste.

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