HR500 Horizontal Resaw 2 head

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* Above price is for the HR500 (HR500EH15S-2) Twin-Head Resaw Module with two 11 kW Electric Motors, without MultiSetworks.

Other configurations vary in price.

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Modular Multi-head Horizontal Resaw

Ideal for companies that need an affordable multi-head resaw, that can grow with your business.

  • Hold-down rollers
  • Head Tilts 0° - 8°
  • From 1 to 6 Heads
Description HR500 Horizontal Resaw 2 head

Ideal for companies that need an affordable multi-head resaw, the HR500 can grow with your business. 

From one to six heads, the HR500’s modular design allows you to add more saw heads later, and produce up to six boards and one slab in one pass. For short cants less than 1.2m long or material with internal tension, a steel double roller option is available. 

A separate control stand holds all controls for the resaw. Blade lubrication and hydraulic blade tension are centrally located to increase productivity and ease of access. Standard, the resaw heads are adjusted with a manual screw. Setworks with electric up/down can be added optionally to boost productivity.

The saw heads tilt from 0°-8° to produce tapered siding products. These features allow the HR500 to produce not only pallet boards – its most popular use – but also siding, flooring, fencing, and more. For returning unfinished cants back through the resaw, roller tables are available for a manual cant return system. 

The base HR500 module includes two heads as standard. To extend the resaw, all that is needed is to add another two-head module and install a longer conveyor belt. The modular design makes transportation easier and less costly, as well as giving businesses the option to scale up their resaw capability.

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Features HR500 Horizontal Resaw 2 head
Right now, we teach our customers how to make furniture out of wood. During the workshop, they can design and make a piece of furniture. People are fascinated by this process, from cutting logs to the finished product.
Heiner Schafers
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Specifications HR500 Horizontal Resaw 2 head
Power Selections
Power Selections 7.5 kW (10HP) electric / per head
11kW (15HP) electric / per head
Cutting Capacities
Max Cant Width .32m (12 3/4")
Min Cant Height 10 mm (0.4")
Max Cant Height 400mm (15.75")
Max Cant Length 910mm (11' 9")
Blade Length 401 cm
Blade Wheel Diameter 600 mm
Head Features & Options
Number of available cutting heads 1-6
Head Configuration Horizontal
Head Tilt Angle 0º - 8º
Feed System & Operation
Feed Speed 0-20 m/min (0-65 ft/min)
Machine Dimensions & Requirements
Sawdust Collection Port Diameter 150 mm
Safety Standards CE
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