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MP200 Planer / Thicknesser

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Plane and mould up to two sides at one time

With the MP200 Planer/Moulder, you can plane and mould on one or two sides at once to produce mouldings or flooring

  • 2 step process to produce planed and moulded timber.
  • For producers of flooring, mouldings and more.
  • 1 horizontal cutter and 1 side cutter.
Description MP200 Planer / Thicknesser

With the MP200 Planer/Moulder, you can plane and mould on one or two sides at once to produce mouldings or flooring. The MP200 includes 1 horizontal top cutter, and 1 vertical side cutter. Both can be fitted with planing knives or moulding profile knives.

You begin by planing or moulding one or two adjoining sides in one pass. The power feed rollers move the board under the horizontal cutter and past the vertical side cutter. If you are just planing, then you can simply flip the board over, adjust the table height, and then plane the final two sides.

If you are moulding a profile, then you simply need to change out the knives, adjust the table height and then mould the final two sides.

With the MP200, you can plane and mould timber in only two passes.

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Features MP200 Planer / Thicknesser
With one machine, I can perform multiple tasks that used to require separate, bulky machines. The MP260, with its dual horizontal and vertical cutter heads, allows for simultaneous operations.
Rasmus Ström
Falköping, Sweden
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Specifications MP200 Planer / Thicknesser
Horizontal cutter
Diameter 72 mm
Vertical spindle
Motor 3 kW (4 HP), 3-phase
Spindle Diameter 30 mm
Tool Diameter 140 mm
Max. Height 220 mm
Max. Width 410 mm
Table Length 830 mm
Max. Cutting Depth 6 mm
Max. Height 100 mm
Max. Width 310 mm
Max. Cutting Depth 10 mm
Feed System
Feed Motor 0.18 kW (0.25 HP), 3-phase
0.37 kW (0.5 HP), 3-phase (with planetary gearbox)
Feed Speed 5 m/min
2-12 m/min (with planetary gearbox)
Feed Roller Diameter 32 mm
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