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225 mm Circular Blade and two 410 mm HSS planing knives HSS included.

MP220 Planer / Moulder / Ripsaw

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225 mm Circular Blade and two 410 mm HSS planing knives HSS included.
The MP220 efficiently combines moulding, planing and ripsawing in one machine

Designed for a variety of woodworking projects, the MP220 is the best choice for sawyers and carpenters who value high-capacity, premium quality and versatility.

  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Ease of use at a low price
  • Optimized for efficiency
  • Moulding, planing and ripsawing combined in one unit
Description MP220 Planer / Moulder / Ripsaw

The MP220 multi-purpose woodworking machine was designed to meet the demands of sawyers and carpenters working on a variety of projects. It’s a great choice for making your own wood products for small hobbyist workshops, as well as for larger professional woodworking companies.

In addition to all Wood-Mizer Woodworking Machines, the MP220 is an ideal solution for sawyers and carpenters who want to process more timber in a relatively short time. The MP220 can be used to edge the lumber, ripsaw the prism, plane and mould boards, but most importantly, with only one pass through the machine you can make a ready product with the shape and dimensions you need.

A good example is producing your own decorative slats from the boards of different widths. With a circular ripsaw blade you can process the material on the horizontal cutterhead in various widths without any need for additional adjustments. The excess material will be trimmed to get a product of the same dimensions. The circular blade used in the machine is 225 mm in diameter which allows for ripsawing up to 80 mm high. For maximum safety, the ripsaw blade is protected with a steel top cover with two sawdust extraction outlets. In order to extract the sawdust in the most efficient way and to keep the workplace clean, another sawdust extraction port is located under the cast-iron table.

The main work table of the MP220 was made of premium cast iron to provide stability and precision of work. Cast iron is known for its quality of damping vibrations and improving material feeding. For better operating experience, the machine features an infeed table 440 mm long with an assistant roller. Optionally the machine can be equipped with an outfeed table 440 mm or 1250 mm long, as well as an infeed table 1250 mm long. Just over the infeed table, within the operator’s easy reach, there is a clear and easy-to-use control unit.

Another advantage of the MP220 is the horizontal cutterhead 410 mm long and 72 mm of diameter with four slots for knives. The cutterhead comes with the standard two straight knives. Wood-Mizer has wide range of straight and profile knives which can be installed on the horizontal cutterhead.

The material is fed by 3 driven rollers. Two steel rollers are placed in front of the horizontal cutterhead and the third special roller made of polyurethane installed just behind, move the material smoothly through the machine. The MP220 is available in two feed versions: constant at 5 m/min and variable at 2-11 m/min.

Working with the MP220 can begin just after unboxing the machine, but there are additional accessories from the Wood-Mizer TOOLS catalogue to expand versatility. It’s very easy to change the configuration of the cutterhead by adding knives or to adjust the blade for ripsawing.

A huge advantage of the MP220 is its versatility which allows for making many interesting final products on just one unit. It will prove useful in the workshop of an amateur starting his adventure with woodworking, as well as in the workshop of a professional. The MP220 is a tool for producing your own floor quarter rounds, floor boards, side panels and many more. These products with simple shapes can be made with just one pass through the machine while those more complex need two or three passes.

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Features MP220 Planer / Moulder / Ripsaw

Specifications MP220 Planer / Moulder / Ripsaw
1-sided processing
Max. Ripsawing Height 80 mm
Max. Ripsawing Width 280 mm
Circular Blade
Diameter 225 mm
Bore Diameter 35 mm
Feed System
Feed Speed 5 m/min (ECO)
2-11 m/min (PRO)
Dust Collection Specifications
Dust Extraction Ports 50 mm
100 mm
125 mm
Recommended Airflow 2000 m3/h
Dimensions & Weight
Length 1116 mm
Width 788 mm
Height 1257 mm
Cast-Iron Table Size 650 mm x 410 mm
Weight 240 kg
Shipping Weight 360 kg
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