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MP360 Planer / Moulder

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* Above price is for the MP360 (MP360EH16S) with variable feed speed, 3-phase.

Other configurations vary in price.

4-Sided Moulder and Planer

High Production Four-sided Moulder and Planer for full flexibility to produce finished timber.

  • 2 Circular Blades. 1 Adjustable Blade.
Description MP360 Planer / Moulder

The four-sided MP360 is a compact and efficient planer/moulder built for professional woodworkers and large wood companies. It’s an ideal solution for entrepreneurs looking for an efficient, versatile, and precise and easy-to-use machine.

The MP360 allows for the production of a variety of professionally finished materials, such as floor boards, profiled boards, decorative borders, panels, window and door frames, furniture finishing elements and more. The MP360 features two horizontal cutterheads – the 510 mm wide top cutterhead and the 410 mm wide bottom cutterhead, as well as two side cutterheads, each 40 mm high. One of these side cutterheads is mounted on a fixed spindle, while the other one is moveable.

Each side cutterhead comes standard with two HSS straight cutting knives at proper lengths. For all cutterheads, a variety of optional profile knives with different shapes and dimensions are also available. The four-sided processing operation is done in one pass which helps considerably to save time and increases the efficiency of work. The control panel of the machine allows for the adjustment of feed speed and an individual operation of each cutterhead. The feed rollers advance the material along the cutterheads in a smooth and consistent way.

Depending on needs, standard steel feed rollers can be replaced with optional hardened steel rollers to process harder wood with larger dimensions, or with optional polyurethane rollers whichfurther protect the material surface.

The work table is made of quality cast iron, with the surface machined on modern CNC tools in order to reduce the vibrations and keep it as stable as possible during the work. The MP360 is also available with a longer (2 m) outfeed table for better handling of longer materials. Just above the feed table, within the operator’s reach, there's an easy-to-use control panel. The electrical motors generate the total power of 16,25 kW.

The MP360 features four sawdust exhaust ports – one with the diameter of 125 mm, and the other three ports with 100 mm. All the ports are placed in the most optimal places to extract the sawdust effectively from the cutterheads, as well as to keep the workplace clean.

With the MP360 you can plane and mould side surfaces of the material up to 160 mm high. The desired height of the processed material can be adjusted by choosing the proper side cutterhead (available optionally). The side cutterheads are available in 100 mm, 130 mm and 160 mm heights. In order to install the 160 mm high cutterhead, you need to use a spindle extension.

The maximum width of 4-sided moulding (with all four cutterheads engaged) is 350 mm.

The width can be increased to 410 mm by removing two side cutterheads and using for planing the other two horizontal cutterheads (2-sided processing), or it can be increased even further to 510 mm while processing 1 side of the material – when only one cutterhead is engaged.

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Videos MP360 Planer / Moulder
Features MP360 Planer / Moulder
With one machine, I can perform multiple tasks that used to require separate, bulky machines. The MP260, with its dual horizontal and vertical cutter heads, allows for simultaneous operations.
Rasmus Ström
Falköping, Sweden
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Specifications MP360 Planer / Moulder
4-sided Moulding Capacity
Max. Width 350 mm
Max. Height 160 mm
2-sided Moulding Capacity
Max. Width 410 mm
Max. Height 230 mm
1-sided Moulding or Thicknessing Capacity
Max. Width 510 mm
Max. Height 230 mm
Features & Options
Number of Horizontal Cutters 2
Number of Spindles 3
Number of Sawdust Extraction Ports 4
Viewing Window Yes
Options Support Rollers
Infeed Table - 2 m
Board Fence Extensions
Upper Horizontal Cutter
Diameter 88 mm
Width 510 mm
Power 5.5 kW (7.5 HP)
Rotation Speed 6000 RPM / 50 Hz
Max. Cutting Depth 8 mm
Max. Profile Depth 20 mm
Lower Horizontal Cutter
Diameter 72 mm
Width 410 mm
Power 4 kW (5.5 HP)
Rotation Speed 6000 RPM / 50 Hz
Max. Cutting Depth 8 mm
Max. Profile Depth 10 mm (slot drill 15mm)
Vertical Cutters
Spindle Diameter 30 mm
Max. Cutter Height 160 mm
Max. Diameter 140 mm
Power 3 kW (4 HP)
Rotation Speed 6000 RPM / 50Hz
Max. Cutting Depth 30 mm
Standard Vertical Cutters Included
Type TB90
Diameter 90 mm
Height 40 mm
Knife Type HSS
Knife Width 50 mm
Power Feed
Feed Motor 0.75 kW (1 HP)
Feed Speed 3 - 15 m/min / 50Hz
Feed Rollers 4 Steel + 1 Polyurethane Rollers
5 Polyurethane Rollers (Optional)
Dimensions & Weight
Length 2970 mm
Width 1125 mm
Height 1430 mm
Weight 675 kg
Shipment Weight 740 kg
Machine Standards & Requirements
Total Power 16.25 kW (22 HP)
Electrical Requirements 3-phase, 400 V, 20-32 A
3-phase, 230 V, 32-50 A
Sawdust Collection Port Diameter 3 x 100 mm + 1 x 125 mm
Safety Standards CE
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