Functionality Above All – An In-Depth Review of the Most Valuable Features of Wood-Mizer Woodworking Machines

Are you looking for some information on a practical and inexpensive woodworking machine that is easy to operate, doesn't take up too much room in your workshop, and most importantly, comes up with all your woodworking designs? In that case, keep reading, as this article is just for you!

How to Change Planer/Moulder Knives

Wood-Mizer planer/moulders are designed for making finished wood products affordably and efficiently. Wood-Mizer offers many straight planer knives and profiled moulder knives which can be easily installed on the cutterhead to switch between different profiles of produced material. These videos explain how to replace the cutting knives quickly and effortlessly on Wood-Mizer planer/moulders.

How to Set Up Straight Knives in the Cutterheads

Learn how to install or replace a straight knife in a Wood-Mizer planer/moulder cutterhead. Each cutterhead has four slots; two always have straight knives, and the other two can have straight or profile knives, depending on the carpenter's tasks.

How to Setup Wood-Mizer Planer/Moulders

The tutorial video explains some most common maintenance operations for Wood-Mizer MP260 and MP360 four-sided Planer/Moulders, as well as for MP200 Planer/Thicknesser.

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