Portable Sawmilling for Fun, Therapy, and Relaxation

"Sawing wood with my Wood-Mizer sawmill is fun! It's relaxing and therapeutic," says Jon Scott, a sawmiller from New York, USA. Jon Scott became interested in carpentry and wood when he was 12 years old. "My high school didn't offer shop class, so I'm a self-taught woodworker."

Constructing a Unique Wooden Chapel on a Farm in the USA

Farm owners Bill Finnegan and Amy Finnegan along with their friend, Jon Scott, used a Wood-Mizer portable sawmill to mill trees from their farm and build the stunning Trinity Knot Chapel in Connecticut as a place to thank God for their blessings.

Sawmilling at Balmoral Estate in Scotland with Wood-Mizer LT40 Sawmill

Balmoral Castle has been the residence of the Royal Family in Scotland ever since it was acquired by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria in 1852. The castle’s construction was completed in 1856, and since then, Balmoral has been the Scottish home of the Royal Family. The tradition is that each successive owner of the Estate takes a close personal interest in running and improving it. Balmoral Estate recently purchased a Wood-Mizer LT40 WIDE Mobile sawmill to efficiently maintain the forests and green areas surrounding the Castle.

Former Electrician Built Dream Home in Canada

Nathan Shewchuk accomplished his lifelong dream of building his own home with eight years of hard work and dedication, along with a few helpers and a Wood-Mizer portable sawmill.

Wood-Mizer LT40: The Best Sawmill for Your Business

“The LT40 is a fantastic and useful machine. It works well in every weather. It does a great job in contract sawmilling in the mountains. It is simple to operate, and I can transport it to the sawmilling site when it is attached to the car as a trailer. I don’t have to carry heavy logs to the stationary sawmill anymore. I enjoy working on my LT40 sawmill,” says David Jones from Wales, a user of the LT40 and one of the thousands of happy owners of this legendary machine.

Building Santa’s Sleigh with a Wood-Mizer Portable Sawmill

With the combination of being a woodworker and owning a Wood-Mizer portable sawmill, Gregg Turk was able to build an incredible new wooden sleigh for Santa Claus.

The LT40 Sawmill History: Bed and Hydraulics Upgrades

The practical and convenient conversion of logs to timber depends on a strong and precise sawhead with an adequately selected sawmill blade and a reliable sawmill bed that lays the foundation for the entire machine. The sawmill bed equipped with efficient hydraulics allows the operator to rotate and level the log quickly while maintaining the safety and ergonomics of work. In addition, a mobile version of the sawmill will allow for the on-site conversion of logs just where the customer needs it.

Mulberry Chapel Built on 450-Acre Farm in Georgia

After dreaming and planning for decades, George Coker milled and made the Mulberry Chapel on his 450-acre farm in Georgia with his Wood-Mizer portable sawmill.

The LT40 Sawmill History: Engine Upgrades

The engines installed in the first LT40 sawmills at the beginning of the 1990s were economical and relatively strong. Still, most importantly, they were a perfect match for a portable sawmill's lightweight and compact construction. These engines established a new direction in building modern sawmills outclassing the clumsy and inefficient stationary frame sawmills used in the industry at the time.

Mesquite Treehouse Milled and Made in Southern Arizona

Arthur and Valerie Flores of Tumacacori Mesquite Sawmill in southern Arizona milled and made a unique mesquite treehouse with their Wood-Mizer portable sawmill.

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