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LT70 Sawmill

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30th anniversary promotion.
  • Buy LT40 or LT70 Sawmills with hydraulic.
  • Applies to all engine options.
  • Promotion is valid until November 30, 2020 or while sawmills in stock.
(1)2-sided Planer / Moulder MP200
  • 3kW Electric
    400V, 3-phase
  • Variable Feed Speed
MP200 Planer / Moulder
Catalog Price (MP200EH7S-V): £4,850



Cutting Capacity

Max. Log Length - up to 8.4 m*
Max. Log Diameter - 95 cm
Max. Width of Cut - 73 cm


Standard - 15 kW Electric
Optional - 18.5 kW Electric


Length - 4670 mm
Blade Wheel Diameter - 600 mm

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*depends on the bed length: S Bed - 4.8 m, M Bed - 6.1 m, L Bed - 8.4 m.


Cutting Capacity:

Max. Log Length - up to 8.6 m*
Max. Log Diameter - 90 cm
Max. Width of Cut - 72 cm


Standard - 11 kW Electric
Optional - 15 kW Electric, 18.5 kW Electric, 28 HP Petrol


Length - 4010 mm
Blade Wheel Diameter - 483 mm

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*depends on the bed length: S Bed - 5 m, M Bed - 6.3 m, L Bed - 8.6 m.

Take care of blades. Save 10% on sharpener and setter


Professional and Automatic Blade Sharpener

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BMS250 Bandsaw Blade Sharpener10%

Affordable and Efficient Manual Tooth Setter

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BMT150 Bandsaw Blade Setter10%

Manually Operated Economical Tooth Setter

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BMT100 Bandsaw Blade Setter10%

Increase your cutting length

Bed Extension for Sawmill10%

Do you already own an LT20, LT40 or LT70? Get 10% off bed extensions! For a limited time only, increase the your cutting capacity.

  • BX6 Extension - 1.8 m (6')
  • BX12 Extension - 3.6 m (12')
  • BX24 Extension - 7.3 m (24')

To find out more about extensions and equipment kits, please contact with your local representative.

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